Hardest and Best Years of Marriage

marriageA recent study reveals the fifth year of marriage is the most difficult while the third year finds couples at their happiest together.

Family law specialists Slater & Gordon (via Daily Mail) conducted the research which polled 2,000 married individuals. When we posed the question to our “Divorce Court” Facebook fans of what year is the most difficult in a matrimony, most picked year one, year five and the seventh year of matrimony. Many used their own experience in guessing, but there weren’t far off from the new study.

Stages of Marriage

Year 3 – Happiest
The average married couple found themselves happiest in the third year of marriage. The study claims year three finds couples at their most comfortable with each other and most likely haven’t had kids yet. Financial stability with two incomes also helps settle the couple into their lives together.

Year 5 – Most Difficult
According to the study, year five for married couples is stressful with children in the mix amid feeling pressure from home life and workplace demands.

Year 7 – “The Wall”

Referred to as the “7-Year Itch,” the study claims that if a married couple passes that mark, it should lead to a longer marriage.

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