Taco Bell Is Now A Wedding Destination

If wedding bells are in your future,  Taco Bell is now offering their services as a wedding destination to ring in your new life together.

The bell in the Taco Bell logo takes on a new meaning as the fast food chain opens its doors to hosting wedding receptions at their Las Vegas store.  For $600, the newlywed package includes a Taco Bell garter, bow tie, a wedding bouquet made of sauce packets, “Just Married” t-shirts, Taco Bell-branded champagne flutes, a 12-pack of tacos and a Cinnamon delights wedding cake. The Mexican-inspired Las Vegas restaurant also serves alcohol in a VIP lounge, while bumping and grinding to some tunes courtesy of a DJ.

Before you roll your eyes, starting out your marriage on the cheap side has its benefits. A 2014 study by Emory University found that couple who spend money on their wedding may stay together longer.

Oddly enough, a Taco Bell wedding isn’t strange at all when it comes to Sin City.