Man Posts Girlfriend’s Apology Letter and Grades It Online

D-minus apology

A man received a letter from his ex who allegedly cheated on him. So he graded it a D- and posted it on Twitter with revisions.
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Posted by Divorce Court on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Nick Lutz wasn’t satisfied with his girlfriend’s 4-page apology letter, and he let the world know it.

Lutz dated his girlfriend for 8 months until she lied about going to a theme park with her best friend, who’s a girl, but later he found out it was another man who accompanied to the park.

The woman wrote him a lengthy letter in which she claimed to have not cheated with anyone, and swore on her life, her mom and her jeep.

The Stetson University student took a red pen to the letter with revisions, and sent it back to his girlfriend, but not before posting it on Twitter. Like grading a paper, he wrote his comments which included criticizing her use of words and replying back to her claims.

The scorned boyfriend graded her letter with a D, but he was open to revisions which suggest he would give her another chance for a better apology.

His tweet has been shared over 100,000 times. Now that’s the modern day Scarlet Letter.