Married Couples Are Having Less Sex

Married couples prefer to be on social media, video games and Netflix rather than having sex, says a new study.

According to the Journal Archives Of Sexual Behavior, married couples are having a lot less sex because of their binging habits whether it’s hours on the video game console, watching hours of television shows, or interacting with others on social media.

A new study says America’s sex drive is hitting the breaks. From the early 90s to the early 2000s, Americans had sex an average of 65 times a year. After 2002, that number started to decline.

In 1989, married couples were making love an average of 67 times per year, but in 2014 that number decline to 56 times a year.

Researchers believe other activities are filling those pleasure pathways like video games, social media and Netflix.

Why is that a problem? Sex is one of the most effective mood boosters we have. So couples better start making out like bunnies if marriages are going to be saved.