Father Kills Twin Daughters In Revenge Plot Against Wife

An Illinois father commits murder suicide to get back at his wife for leaving him.

Randall Coffland, 48, shot his estranged wife Anjum Coffland in the legs, and fatally shot his twin teenage daughters in the head. He then turned the gun on himself, but not before calling 911 to confess his crime.

“I just shot and killed my two kids and I shot my wife and I’m going to shoot myself now,” he confesses to the 911 dispatcher. “My two girls are dead and I’m killing myself.”

During the 911 call, the husband can be heard telling his wife, “I want you to live and suffer like I did,” in the background.

Randall and Anium had been separated for months, according to People. In February, police were called out to a domestic disturbance call at the family’s home, but there were no arrests.

The police released additional audio from the 911 call from the wife after Coffland turned the gun on himself. In the audio, a grief-stricken mother is heard calling out for her daughters.

While police are still investigating what led up to the tragic shootings, it’s clear the estranged husband was clearly looking to punish his wife by killing her daughters, and leaving her behind to deal with the unspeakable tragedy.

Anjum Coffland is recovering at a hospital, according to police.