New Study: Couples In Open Relationships Just As Happy As Monogamous Ones

Think monogamy is the only path toward happiness?  Think again.

According to a new study, people in open relationships are as happy as people in monogamous relationships. A University of Michigan relationship study was published in Perspectives On Psychological Science with their findings on open relationships.

The sample looked at 2,124 heterosexuals over the age of 25. Put of that number, 1,507 people were in monogamous relationships, and 617 were in committed non-monogamous relationships.

What they found was that open relationships have lower levels of jealousy and higher levels of satisfaction and trust. The lead professor in the study found that the outcomes for the monogamous and consensual nonmonogamous participants were the same, indicating that one lifestyle choice over the other didn’t make a difference.

Before you show this study to your bae, make sure you’re around friends.