Man Wants You To Fund Girlfriend’s Engagement Ring

Should you really start your marriage with others buying your girlfriend’s engagement ring?

A man started a GoFundMe page for donations that will be used to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend Alexandria. The 30-something man from Atlanta says on his page that since everyone’s pressuring him to put a ring on his bae’s finger, they should donate to the cause. He calls it an “innovative” approach to buying a ring, and he encourages his family and friends to be part of the “love” process.

I’ve decided to utilize GoFundMe to let everybody who loves us show us.

Sometimes we can’t quite afford expensive things by ourselves. A lot of people lean on credit card companies and banks (that overcharge them) so that they appear to do nice things for people they love by themselves.

My approach is a little different. We have friends, family, and colleagues that don’t mind passing up a drink or a sandwich to help out. Anything helps. All proceeds will go to the purchase of a beautiful engagement ring one that WE ALL can be proud of. Call me crazy but Love is Free Not Engagement Rings and Weddings.

After 10 days since posting the page, he has only reached $609 of the $15,000 goal. It looks like some people aren’t buying into this innovative way to fund a $15k engagement ring.

How would you feel if your fiancé had others pay for your engagement or wedding ring?