Who’s Most Likely To Cheat?

Who is most likely to cheat? A new study says it depends on who is making the money.

Ladies! If you’re the breadwinner, check your husband’s texts. According to a new study, economically independent men have a 15% chance of cheating on their wives.  For an economically dependent woman, the chances are 5% she will cheat. The reason behind the higher rate for men is due to their macho ways.

“Extramarital sex allows men undergoing a masculinity threat… to engage in behavior culturally associated with masculinity.”

Researchers looked at 2,750 married people between the ages of 18-32. Their findings saw male breadwinners cheating more than others, but women breadwinners did not.  Researchers attribute that to “deviance neutralization,” meaning a wife will downplay her accomplishments because she’s violating social norms.

The study also found that men that make 70% of the income are least likely to cheat.

So now aside from wishing for a tall, dark, and handsome guy – you’ll have to add 70% breadwinner.