Man Claims He’s A ‘Genius’ To Avoid Paying Ex-Wife Half His Fortune

An Englishman desperate to keep his fortune in a divorce settlement takes the “I am a genius” route.

In the U.K., if you can prove you’re a “genius” you are entitled to more than a 50/50 split in a divorce settlement.  What constitutes as a “genius?” If your earnings were derived from your “exceptional and individual quality” than you are entitled to more than a 50/50 split.

Lone Star investor William Randall used that argument in this divorce to avoid paying his ex half his fortune. The High Court in London laughed him out of court last week after claiming his “genius” in banking meant he should get more than 50% of the family’s $225 million.  Unfortunately for Randall, he wasn’t the brains of Lone Star, but merely an employee. While he was important to the Japanese sector of the business, he was not “unique.”

Good try! He’s going to have to share his fortune.