People In These 9 Professions Are Most Likely To Cheat

When searching out your ideal mate, we often have a preference for doctors, actors or athlete but those are just some of the professions singles may want to avoid. A poll suggests that people in certain professions cheat more than others, and women in particular are more likely to cheat at work.

Over 5,000 women were recently polled about cheating in a relationship, and the results may surprise you., a site where people go in search of extramarital affairs, conducted a poll that says 2 out of 3 women who cheat, cheat at work. The site’s founder Sigur Vedal says that women are willing to cheat even if it means risking their career. “Having an affair at work makes life a lot more pleasant,” says Vedal.

The survey also revealed the top 9 careers of people who cheat, and it seems it’s anyone who makes good money.

  1. Finance
  2. Pilots and Flight Attendants
  3. Doctors and Nurses
  4. Business
  5. Athletes
  6. Musicians and Actors
  7. Waiters and Bartenders
  8. Journalists
  9. Lawyers