Brad Pitt Cleans Up His Act After His Divorce

It’s never too late to change, but for Brad Pitt it came after his wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce.

For the first time since the Brangelina divorce, Brad Pitt opened up to GQ Magazine about life after divorce and why he’s now sober. He’s honest about his issue that led to the turmoil that involved Child Services.  “I was boozing too much. It just become a problem, he told GQ.” He is now in therapy with a counselor and sculpting as a means of art treatment. He says the whole ordeal has caused him to open his eyes to his weaknesses and failures.  He’s focusing on becoming a better person for himself and his six children.

The Hollywood actor also revealed how heartbroken he was after losing his family. He stayed on a friend’s floor for six weeks to avoid staying in his big empty house alone. He’s back at his home in the Hollywood Hills but the feeling of loneliness still exists.

Pitt says he’s in a good place with his children and his ex-wife.