Olympic Skater Michelle Kwan Learned Of Divorce Filing on Twitter

Michelle Kwan and ex-husband

It’s a tale of two divorce filings.

Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan’s husband beat her to the punch when Clay Pell filed for divorce in California on March 27 without informing Kwan. Kwan found out about the filing on Twitter, according to ProvidenceJournal.com.

The two-time Olympic medalist, five-time World champion and nine-time U.S. champion filed for divorce afterwards in Providence County Family Court in Rhode Island. Kwan had previously attempted unsuccessfully to serve her husband of four years divorce papers at least 10 times in April, writes the Providence Journal. Later, Kwan was under the impression  that both would resolve their differences “amicably and expeditiously” prior to Pell’s filing in California.

Pell, a former White House National Security staffer and grandson of the late Rhode Island senator Claiborne Pell, and Kwan, 36, are now disputing which filing should be dismissed. Kwan’s lawyer Deborah M. Tate claims Kwan lived in Rhode Island the year prior to the filing while Pell is staying firm on divorcing in California.

In her divorce filing, Kwan asked Pell to remove his items from their Rhode Island home which is under remodeling. The pair who married in 2013 separated last November and have been living apart.

There is no skating around this messy divorce case.