A Couple’s Viral Stunt Ends In Death

A pregnant teen has been arrested and charged with manslaughter after accidentally killing her boyfriend in a YouTube prank gone wrong. Monalisa Perez alerted 911 that she had shot Pedro Ruiz in the chest while filming an episode for his vlog.

Ruiz had persuaded Perez, who is 23 weeks pregnant to make a YouTube video of her shooting him while he held a book to his chest. He told her the book would block the bullet, and they’d get a lot of hits on their channel. He told Perez that they’d “get more followers and would become famous”.

Perez was apprehensive about the stunt, even tweeting about her reservations.
Perez claimed Ruiz showed her a book that had blocked a bullet, and that convinced her to do the stunt.  She set up two cameras and shot him from one foot away while he held a different book over his heart.  Upon realizing the stunt failed, Perez called 911.  Ruiz died on the scene after results to resuscitate him failed. A tragic lesson that pranks have no place in situations where there is a loaded firearm.