Woman Sentenced To 15 Months In Jail For Texting Suicide Case

A Massachusetts woman has been found guilty of manslaughter after encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide via text message.

The woman who coaxed her 18-year-old boyfriend into suicide by texts has been sentenced to a 2 1/2 year term but Michelle Carter will only serve 15 months in jail.

Conrad Roy III committed suicide in 2014 after Carter, 17 at the time, urged her young boyfriend to kill himself via texts and phone calls from 30 miles away.  He died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his truck while parked at a store parking lot.
During the case, it was revealed the teenage girl convinced Ray to go through with the suicide even though he had changed his mind on the fateful day. She urged  Roy on the phone and through text messages to commit to the plan. She listened on the phone as he breathed his last breath.

In June, Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.  This week, Judge Lawrence Moniz of the Bristol Juvenile Court believes Carter, now 20, was fully aware of what she was doing regardless of her young age and own mental issues. Despite Moniz sentencing, Carter is currently free while she awaits her appeal.