Dating Trend: Love Bombing

Forget ghosting – the latest terrible dating trend to hit is “love bombing.”

If you thought it would be wonderful to meet someone new and have them overwhelm you with love and plans for the future, think again – you could be getting love bomb-ed. According to psychiatrist Dale Archer, love bombing is when one partner tries to win influence by pouring attention, promises, and affection on a new romantic partner. Many promises are made about the future which creates high levels of infatuation and co-dependence in the victim.

The overwhelming rush and intensity created by this love bomb makes it hard for the victim to notice if they’re being manipulated and soon the abuser turns – withdrawing their adoration and punishing the victim when the abuser doesn’t get his or her way.

Joe Pierre, a professor at UCLA, wrote in Psychology Today that it is easy to fall for these narcissist love bombers because their high levels of confidence, ambition, and self-sufficiency, make them very attractive.

Archer advises the best way to prevent yourself from being love bombed is to build relationships slowly and to always maintain healthy relationships with friends and family so that you don’t become co-dependent on your love interest.

These bombs bring new meaning to the saying, “love is a battlefield.”