Keke Wyatt Breaks Down After Husband Abandons Her

Keke Wyatt Michael Ford Divorce

There’s never a good time to ask for a divorce, but Keke Wyatt’s husband picked the worst time.

The R&B singer is currently 8 months pregnant and her child is battling cancer. Wyatt’s husband Michael Ford asked his wife of 7 years for a divorce, and she took the news to Instagram, breaking down as she poured her heart out.

It’s been a tough year for the mother of eight children with one on the way. One of her children is fighting cancer, and to show solidarity she recently shaved her head.

The news of the divorce seems to have taken Wyatt by surprise, and in her video, she hints that another woman may have been involved in the break up.

#PressPlay: Praying for #KekeWyatt 🙏🏾

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Wyatt’s video was taken down, but the Shade Room got their digital prints on it for all to see.

Their marriage issues played out on the reality show R&B Divas. On the show, she admitted she suffered from trust issues because of her abusive first husband.

While the hurt is fresh, Wyatt will no doubt stay strong for her sick child and the new baby on the way.