Mike Epps’ Ex-Wife Makes Off Like A Bandit In Divorce Settlement

Mike Epps and ex-wife

Mike Epps can now wine and dine women as a single man, but on a budget.

Actor and comedian Mike Epps and his ex-wife have settled their divorce, and turns out Epps is loaded.

Mechelle McCain Epps walked away from the marriage with a hefty payday. According to TMZ, his wife of 12 years will receive $12k in monthly support for 6 1/2 years or until she remarries, in addition to $15k in child support for their young children. That child support doesn’t include their private school tuition.

It seems the couple owns a car lot since the couple are dividing up 8 cars amongst themselves. When it comes to dividing up the property, Epps keeps his 10 properties while their Encino home will be sold and profits split.

Both parents have joint legal custody of their daughters, but the physical custody arrangement is still in dispute.

Luckily the actor has a full slate of films this year and the next. Ironically, Epps next film is titled Where’s the Money, a question he may be asking himself this coming year.