Fitbit Data Leads To Man’s Arrest For Wife’s Murder

A Connecticut man’s alibi fell apart after police used a Fitbit device to disprove the husband’s account of his wife’s murder.

Two days before Christmas in 2015,  police entered a Connecticut home where they found Richard Dabate bleeding and bound, and his wife dead. The man claimed an intruder killed his wife and tortured him. There were no witnesses, at least of the human kind.

Many electronic devices were found in the home including the wife’s Fitbit. Data from the activity tracker that measures steps showed the Richard’s alibi didn’t hold up against the data. The data showed there was movement after the time Richard said she was already dead. His other electronic devices put him inside the home at the time he claimed to be at work.

Earlier this year, Richard  was tried for murder and is now in pre-trail hearings.