Phubbing: Is Your Phone More Important Than Your Mate?

Phubbing (v.): the habit of snubbing someone in favor of a cell phone. So, the question, are you more likely to be phubbed, or to be the one doing the phubbing?

Smart phones are the greatest piece of technology ever created but it’s also detrimental to human relations and relationships.

A recent survey revealed seventy-percent of couples said their spouse’s use of their phone has decreased their marital satisfaction. Another forty-percent said they were depressed after being phubbed.

Other studies also showed that having your phone out during a conversation lover dinner or in public can hurt the quality of conversations.

Those feeling snubbed also retreated to their phones for solace which further deteriorated communication with others

“Phubbed and Alone” authors Meredith David and James Roberts wrote about how ironic it is that cell phones were designed as a communication tool, but it’s actually hurting interpersonal connectedness.

If this story hits too close to home, it may be time to put down that device.