How Will Hotumn Affect Cuffing Season?

Some are arguing we should increase the number of seasons from four to five.

A recent New York Times article described “hotumn” (or hot autumn) as the season straddling summer and fall. Hotumn covers what are ostensibly fall months – like September and October – but it’s so hot outside  it still feels like summer.

And others are wondering how the unusually warm fall weather will affect “cuffing season.”

“Cuffing season” is a relatively new term that’s used to describe the annual phenomenon of people “coupling up” for the colder winter months. General consensus says prime “cuffing season” lies between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

After all, having someone to cuddle with by the fireplace makes staying indoors much more bearable.

And when the months get warmer – you uncuff so you can frolic freely during the summer.

But if beach season lingers well into October, will cuffing season be delayed? how will people find someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve? will they have to spend valentine’s day alone?

Only time will tell if cuffing season survives another “hotumn.” but if it doesn’t – at least you’re already uncuffed by the time spring rolls around.