New Dating Trend: Tindstagramming

Another day, another dating trend. According to New York magazine, the latest is “Tindstagramming.”

Tindstagramming is when someone sees you on Tinder, finds your Instagram handle in the bio section, and then follows you on instagram.

So even if you don’t match on Tinder, the person can follow and message you on Instagram.

A Tindstagrammer who preferred to stay anonymous, told New York Magazine that he’s won dates using this method – with it working about “2 to 3 times out of 30.”

But this seems like an unsavory way to connect with a person who didn’t want to match in the first place. Leaving some feeling stalked.

Tinder user Katie Meuser explained her “Tindstagram” experience to New York magazine, “at first, it seemed very harmless, just a sweet guy who was very interested in me. I told him that I was flattered, but I didn’t want to meet him, but he kept sending me messages and not respecting the fact that I said no.”

His unwanted messages continued for over two years — ending only when Katie blocked him.

As Intouch Magazine pointed out, this trend can turn into a form of cyberbullying — since the person can continue to reach out despite the recipient saying they aren’t interested.

So stay safe – share only the information you’re comfortable with on your profile and report users for inappropriate behavior.