Anna Faris Goes House Hunting With Boyfriend

Anna Faris

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are officially over as the couple filed for divorce on Friday. Anna has already moved on with a new man, and they may be house hunting together.

The Mom star and Guardians of the Galaxy actor announced their separation earlier this year in July. Chris Pratt filed for divorce Friday, according to E! News. Anna Faris filed her response simultaneously.

Faris is moving on from her second marriage with a new man, cinematographer Michael Barrett. It seems the two met on Faris’ last film Overboard, a remake of the Goldie Hawn 1987  film where she met current love Kurt Russell.

The new lovebirds were spotted house hunting in Venice, CA where they looked at two luxury homes. It’s not clear whether she’s moving in with her new beau or she’s simply looking for a new home once the home she shared with Pratt is sold under the property settlement.