Ciara Is Dragged Online For Sharing Pastor’s Dating Advice

Ciara Harris
Ciara isn’t feeling the love from the ladies when she shared a video suggesting women act like a wife and not a girlfriend. She has since responded with her own take.

On Sunday, the singer took to Twitter and shared Pastor John Gray’s sermon advocating women stop acting like girlfriends.

“You are not a wife when I marry you, you are a wife when I find you,” he says. “A wife isn’t the presence of a ring but the presence of your character.”

The pastor further suggests single women ask God for help turning their lives around and behave differently. “Carry yourself like you’re already taken,” he added.

Ciara, the married mother of two children then shared the video with the #LevelUp. Women and men online were not saying “Amen” to that sermon as they clapped back on her Twitter account.

After the backlash, Ciara later posted a message on Instagram clearing up why the sermon resonated with her.


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