Craziest Nuptials: Couple Marries Daredevil Style

A couple took their marriage vows to new heights.

A man and a woman exchanged vows 400 feet in the air, overlooking a canyon. They married on a net suspended over the desert in the Moab, Utah with red rock formations as the backdrop. Some would call it crazy or suicidal, but for Kim and Ryan, it was the perfect setting for their inner daredevils.

Kim and Ryan are extreme sports aficionados. Both met at a Moab festival for slacklining, a sport similar to tight-rope walking but over the canyons. They fell in love at the location and visit it every year. Ryan proposed to her at the desert so they decided to hold their nuptials there as well.

The groom’s best man is an extreme athlete and he built a “spacenet” from paracord between two canyons. That’s not the craziest stunt at the wedding ceremony. Flower girls parachuted into the canyon and released 5,000 flower petals from their chutes.

If this couple can survive that daredevil move, they can cope with marriage.