Japan’s Princess Mako Gets Cold Feet

Princess Mako

And we’re down to two royal weddings for 2018.

Princess Mako is having second thoughts on renouncing her title to marry a commoner, citing immaturity on both sides.

Last spring, the 26-year-old daughter of Japan’s Prince Akishino and granddaughter of Emperor Akihito announced her engagement to her college sweetheart, but she would have to renounce her princess title to marry Kei Komoro, a commoner.

Earlier this week, the young royal announced she would postpone the November nuptials until 2020.

“It is because of our immaturity and we just regret, it,” she told CNN. “I wish to think about marriage more deeply and concretely and give sufficient time to prepare our marriage and for after the marriage.”

The couple have dated for six years but admit they “rushed various things” in announcing their engagement. The two met at a study-abroad event in Tokyo while they were students at the International Christian University. Her fiancé Kei Komoro is currently a graduate student and works at a law firm.

Princess Mako’s grandfather Emperor Akihito plans to abdicate his throne in April 2019. The wedding will not happen anytime before then.