Amputee Vet Walks Daughter Down Aisle

via Top 30 

A father didn’t let an amputation stop him from walking his daughter Shelby down the aisle.

Army vet Barry Carlton lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. When it came time for his daughter’s wedding day, he wasn’t about to let his condition stop him from playing the father role at the ceremony. The big event motivated Barry to work harder in his rehabilitation to be able to walk and dance with his daughter.

He was eventually able to walk with a crutch, and he walked Shelby down the aisle and do one more thing his daughter dreamed of.

“When it came time to dance, he flung [his crutch] to the side and everybody erupted into applause. We danced the entire song. We did get to walk together and we did get to dance together and do these amazing things”

Now that’s a happy start and ending for both sides.