Nas And Ex-Wife Kelis Reach Custody Agreement

Nas and Kelis

Things are beginning to look up for rapper Nas and now ex-wife Kelis.

Their divorce has not gone smoothly up to this point. The exes have argued over several items throughout the process and Nas even claims Kelis had been “hostile” throughout and uncooperative in trying to reach any sort of agreement, according to TMZ.

Fortunately, the two have finally come to an agreement on the custody of their 8-year-old son, Knight.  The former couple has agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of their son.  The terms of the agreement are very specific, especially regarding the holidays.  Nas has custody for Father’s Day and all of Knight’s even birthdays while Kelis, on the other hand has custody for Mother’s Day and all of her son’s odd birthdays.

Now with the custody battle over and done with, the arguing certainly is not.  Kelis is now reportedly seeking out an increase in child support from the $8k a month she is currently receiving from the rapper.  She believes that more is deserved because Nas is currently in a much better financial situation than he was at the time the agreement was made.

The two, who dated for two years before deciding to wed in 2003 divorced seven years later in 2010.