French Officials Take Couple To Court Over Daughter’s Name

Video by Top 30

A French couple is going to court to defend the name they gave their baby girl because it may cause “gender confusion.”

French prosecutors have taken a couple to court for naming their daughter “Liam.” The court claims the name is specific to boys and the confusion could hinder her in life.  Before 1993 in France, parents could only chose baby names from an government-mandated list.

Although the list is no longer enforced, the government can still intervene if they think the name could be detrimental.

France isn’t the only country that can intervene when it comes to naming your newborn. Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Morocco, Japan, Malaysia, Iceland, Quebec and British Columbia can prevent parents from giving a name that is banned or “a cause of embarrassment or confusion. 

If that were the case in the United States, Kim Kardashian West and Kayne West would be behind bars. LOL