Russell Crowe Is Celebrating His Divorce In An Unusual Fashion

Russell Crowe is celebrating his divorce in one unique way.

The world-renown movie star chose to host an auction in honor of his divorce with Australian actress Danielle Spencer.  The two separated in 2012 but didn’t end up wrapping up their divorce until 2017. They are hosting the auction as a fun sort of way to show fans and others that there truly is no bad blood between them.

The auction, which Crowe is titling, “Russell Crowe: The Art of the Divorce,” will be taking place in Sydney on April 7th.  Some may notice that there is something familiar about that date.  That is because Russell and his ex, Danielle, ironically decided to host the auction on their wedding anniversary and Russell’s birthday.  How about that?

This may already seem pretty comical and bizarre, but all of that is just the tip of the iceberg once you see the list of items that are being auctioned off.  There are 224 items up for auction that range from a $600 leather jock strap that the actor used while filming the hit, Cinderella Man, to a life-sized prop horse from the film Gladiator, starting around $2,000.  Because seriously, who doesn’t need one of those?

Is that not weird enough for you? Well, all of these wacky items (along with a few normal ones), total up in value to a whopping $3.6 million, according to Dish Nation.

You can find the full list of all of the items being auctioned off on April 7th here.