An Open Marriage Success Story

Judge Lynn often says on the show that open marriages don’t work but a couple is proving that their marital affairs are working out for them.

Joe Spurr and his wife Zaeli Kane do a things a bit differently when it comes to the structure of their household.  The couple and their lovers sat down with Megyn Kelly on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly TODAY,” in early March to discuss their success story with their open marriage.

The couple are one of many out there whom are finding themselves practicing an open marriage.  An open marriage basically entails that the two are open and allowed to have other girlfriends or boyfriends but Joe and Zaeli remain married.  So, one may think that this would obviously lead to relationships with others getting in the way of their own, right?  Well, apparently, wrong.

Joe and Zaeli dated for two years monogamously and then broke up for two years before reuniting and getting engaged almost right away with the notion that they were going to be open about their relationship.

About three years into their open marriage the two discovered significant others that they now deem as full-blown members of their family.  Joe met his girlfriend, Ixi Kirkillis and Zaeli met her now boyfriend, Blake Wilson.  So, what we have is a three-relationship combination that all somehow manage to work and live together peacefully.

“We just choose not to spend our energy worrying about these fake problems that might happen or might not, and if they do, trust that we will take them on as a team,” Zaeli says in an interview on Megyn Kelly TODAY.

Not only that, but the two newer editions to the family also happen to help in the raising of Joe and Zaeli’s young daughter as well.  Joe and Zaeli handle the basics of the parenting, with Blake cooking whenever he can and Ixi babysitting once a week so the spouses can have their date night.  So, I guess there are some upsides to this relationship method, but what do you think?  Would you ever consider an open marriage?