Two Nigerian Women Left Their Weddings Early To Take A Final Exam

Dorcas Atsea and Deborah Atoh of Nigeria had themselves an eventful day on April 7th.

The two young women were studying at Benue State University in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region when they both set their wedding dates for April 7th, 2018.  The two were classmates in a “Media and Ethics Law” course and were scheduled to take their final exam back in February.  Although, as fate would have it, the exam had to be postponed to what date?  You guessed it.  April 7th.

Unfortunately for the two young ladies, there was very little wiggle room for them to work with.

“I went to the exam officer, she said I should choose between the two: the exam or the wedding,” Atoh said.

Instead of having to choose between one and the other, Dorcas and Deborah decided to push the envelope.  They decided that they could rush their ceremonies to finish around 11 a.m. which would leave them just enough time to get to their exam at noon.  To defeat all odds, they pulled it off.  Dorcas and Deborah both were wed and able to take their final exam within an hour of each other.

“When the church wedding ended by past 11am, I went to write the exam. When I got to school, my mates were so excited. They lifted me up,” Atoh told CNN.

Despite being told that they would be forced to choose, Dorcas and Deborah found a way.  They have since graduated from Benue State University.