Move Over Las Vegas, Toronto Is The New Pop-Up Wedding Destination

Ever heard of a pop-up wedding outside of Las Vegas?  We hadn’t either.

Pop-up wedding chapels are growing more and more common with the millennial generation throughout Ontario, Canada.  When thinking of “pop-up weddings,” it is very likely that the first thought to come to mind is a tacky Las Vegas site.  That is most definitely not the case here.  A pop-up wedding chapel at The Drake Hotel in Toronto gives couples an hour each to host their ceremonies, along with a small celebration with their friends and family.  The hour-long weddings that are held in this elegant hotel are far from what you would find on the strip.

The Drake can host up to 8 of these weddings in a single day.

The best part?  The entire event would cost just about $2,000.  Those are some serious savings when compared to the average cost of a wedding in Canada at $28,000.  That $2,000 would not only include the ceremony itself but also covers the photographer, a band, the officiant, and flowers.  Sure, the idea saves people loads of money but it also saves people from the countless hours of stressful wedding planning that drives everyone crazy.

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