Matt Lauer in ‘Bad Shape’ Amidst Divorce From Annette Roque

It is no secret that Matt Lauer lost his job on the Today show due to “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” back in November of 2017.  The former anchor has since lived in extreme privacy.  He has been hidden away at his house in the Hamptons since almost immediately after his firing.

A source told Entertainment Tonight, “He looks exhausted. Matt is finally coming to terms with the reality that his marriage is over and he is in bad shape. He feels he lost everything important in his life overnight. He is embarrassed and ashamed.”  This really does seem to be what comes with the territory of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”  Despite what Lauer is currently going through, he still is accused of acting heinously toward women in his place of work, which is something that is definitely not being overlooked regardless of his current fragile emotional state.

The source also informed ET that Lauer had held out hope for a long while that Annette Roque would consider taking him back, but that hope has since run dry.  The 60-year-old is currently trying to focus on not losing his family entirely, including his three children Jack, 16, Romy, 14, and Thijs, 11.