German Man Forced To Pay Child Support After Ex-Wife Forged His Signature To Receive IVF

There is a bizarre development coming out of Germany this week.  A German man is being court-ordered to pay child support after his ex-wife forged his signature in order to receive IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment.

The former couple had wife, Inge’s, eggs fertilized with husband, Karl’s sperm.  They then had these eggs frozen so they could conceive at some point down the road.  However, they ended up getting divorced and ultimately did not agree to use the frozen eggs at any time.  Five years later, Inge forged her husband’s signature twice in order to gain access to and utilize their fertilized eggs.

Karl filed a lawsuit claiming that he was not responsible for providing his wife financial aid to support their son.  A regional court in Southern Germany ultimately ruled against Karl, stating that he must provide financial support for his son, according to USA Today.

The court ruled against him after finding that “Karl was not clear enough when he called the clinic to revoke his consent for the fertilized eggs to be used. The clinic, it added, had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the forged signatures.”

Karl now has to pay child support for his son although the court’s decision is not legally binding.