Kevin Federline Requesting That Britney Triple His Child Support

Kevin Federline has made his way back into headlines.  This time, he is asking for yet more money from ex-wife Britney Spears.

The 40-year-old DJ is asking his ex-wife to increase his child support payments by “at least three times the amount,” which is currently at $20,000 per month.  K-Fed is co-parenting two sons with Britney.

According to Dish Nation, Kevin is claiming that he rakes in around $3k a month which he also claims to be roughly 1% of what Britney makes.  The requested alteration to the payment is due to a massive change in lifestyles since their original child support agreement was reached back in 2008.

“I work as a DJ. My income this year is approximately $3,000 per month, which I earn by traveling to various entertainment venues around the country and providing musical entertainment,” he said in the court documents. “My income has changed significantly since the child support was last modified in approximately 2008 because I no longer earn a six-figure income like I did in 2008. I am no longer able to perform as a dancer due to my age, and I have not been as successful in putting out new music as I was in 2008. I am simply less of a “name” and less in demand than I was in 2008, which has negatively affected my income.”

This increase in payment would supposedly allow Kevin to provide his children with a similar lifestyle to what his ex-wife provides them.  Do you think you could make do with $20,000 a month?