Internet Power Couple Breaks Up On YouTube In Front Of 17 Million Viewers

Two internet celebs who were once deemed a “power couple,” have called it quits in a very public manner.  The former couple didn’t just announce their breakup, but showed the ENTIRETY of their breakup on YouTube for all to see.

David Dobrik, 21 and Liza Koshy 22 have a combined 21 million combined subscribers.  The two have made names for themselves by posting funny videos on YouTube and the since-deceased 6-second-video app, Vine.  Dobrik and Koshy were an extremely visible couple to anyone with internet access, which makes it all the more wild that they broke it off in the fashion that they did.

According to The Verge, ”Liza broke up with me because she felt like we’ve been kinda distant, because we’ve just been so busy, period,” says Dobrik.

The breakup apparently occurred over six months ago, despite the video being uploaded only on June 5th.  Even more confusing to their devout fanbases is that over the past months they had still been uploading content that included the two of them, even some with Dobrik giving loving gifts to his now ex-girlfriend.

Koshy and Dobrik understand their current place within the YouTube platform.  They know that what they do within their relationship can somehow and someway effect the lives of individuals they do not even know. “They waited a long time to tell YouTube fans because they were both angry that they grew apart in the first place. And while we all know that what influencers show us is just a well-edited sliver of a much bigger picture, there’s a subtext of realness here,” writes Patricia Hernandez of The Verge.

Seeing as the internet will not stop being one of the world’s most coveted resources anytime soon, it’s safe to say these YouTube stars have long careers ahead of them.  For now, we hope for the best for these two.

And to those who want to join the now 17 million others, here’s the video!