‘Jersey Shore’ Star Left Trail Of Blood After Being Dragged By Car

A bloody mess was left behind Sunday night after ‘Jersey Shore’ star, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was dragged with a car in Las Vegas.

The driver of the vehicle was none other than Ronnie’s baby mama, Jen Harley.  According to TMZ, Jen and Ronnie began arguing while on their way home from a barbecue and as things escalated, Jen brutally hit Ronnie in the face.  As Ronnie tried to exit the vehicle, Jen began to drive away with the MTV star hanging out of the car.

The car also suffered a flat tire that occurred as “the result of Jen driving over the median when she took off … with their 2-month-old daughter, Ariana, in the car,” according to TMZ.  Harley was later arrested for domestic battery, just 3 weeks after she was a suspect in another battery case involving her allegedly hitting and spitting on Ronnie.

Those close to Ronnie worry about his and his daughter’s safety and general well-being around Jen.