Adam Sandler Photobombs Wedding Photos

Adam Sandler Photobombs Wedding

Wedding Singer actor Adam Sandler didn’t do any serenading at a real-life wedding this past weekend but he did crash a wedding photo shoot.

Bride and groom Alex Steinber and Kevin Goldstein actually did the crashing when they spotted Adam Sandler dining with his family at the scenic Le Mount Stephen hotel in Montreal. The newly married couple stopped by the hotel to pose for a few wedding photos before the ceremony when they approached the actor who is in town filming the Netflix movie, Murder Mystery.

“I saw them looking at us, because people always look at a girl in her wedding dress,” she told TIME  so she took the chance to talk to him. “I was like, Adam Sandler, it’s you!”

Sandler came down from the hotel restaurant to chat with the fans of the actor. He offered to take a few pictures with the bride and groom.  Sana Belgot of Mlle Sana Photography captured the moments set up as a photo bomb.

Alex then asked their favorite SNL cast member if they would attend the wedding ceremony, “I was like, please come! Please come! Sing the hora!,” she told TIME. He “politely declined” and offered them best wishes on their new life together.

And what a better way to start off than with photos of Adam Sandler photobombing your wedding memories.


The Wedding Singer met Wedding Crashers when Adam Sandler spontaneously joined a wedding photo shoot in Montreal.

“We had heard he was in town shooting a movie,” bride Alex Steinberg told TIME in a phone call from a honeymoon cruise to Santorini. She was surprised though to see the actor dining with his family when she and her groom, Kevin Goldstein, stepped out of their limo outside of Montreal’s scenic Le Mount Stephen hotel.

The couple had stopped to snap a few photos before their wedding, and when Steinberg spotted Sandler dining on the hotel’s terrace she noticed instantly, because she and her now-husband have been fans of Sandler “since the SNLdays.”

“I saw them looking at us, because people always look at a girl in her wedding dress,” she said, laughing, and decided to seize the opportunity to talk to the star. “I was like, Adam Sandler, it’s you!” she said.

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