How A $1.29 Ikea Bag Saved This Bride On Her Wedding Day

It’s official, wedding season is in full swing.  With such a joyous season comes a time for plenty of brides and grooms from all over the world to prepare for their long-awaited walks down the aisle.

Weddings are proven to be extremely stressful, whether it be about the guest list or the music choices, there is plenty to consider.  One thing that is often overlooked, though, is how the bride will be able to use the restroom without risking the integrity of their gowns.

One woman who was recently wed discovered a brilliant trick to relieve herself without risking her dress being ruined or any other unfortunate or embarrassing occurrences.  Believe it or not, the bride took a bag from Ikea, the famous Swedish furniture store, and cut a hole in the bottom which allowed for her to pull up like a pair of shorts that she could pee through.

Words don’t seem to do the apparatus any justice, so our friends at Hello Giggles have visuals to show you just how genius this idea is!