Snoop Dog Claps Back At Alleged ‘Mistress’ With Ultimate Shade

Snoop Dog Claps Back

Uncle Snoop clapped back hard at the women claiming to be his mistress

Snoop Dog didn’t address those allegations in any old fashion via social media or a representative. Instead, the music mogul is dedicating a whole show to people like Celina Powell, the woman known as the Black Widow who has falsely claimed to being Offset’s baby mama.

Last week, Celina claimed Snoop Dog cheated on his wife Shante Broadus with her. Celina has zero credibility after claiming she was pregnant by Cardi B’s baby daddy, Offset. Later she recanted and admitted she made up the lie because she was bored and she “felt like it.”

Well, Snoop Dog has the best comeback to her latest allegation in a new project dedicated to people like the Black Widow, who he calls “Clout Chasers.”  In a video posted on Snoop’s  YouTube Channel, he’s launching a new “docu-reality” hosted by himself, calling out these “Clout Chasers.” He presented a definition of what that means and the focus of his new project.

“Clout Chasers Episode 1 coming soon. The series investigates the tangled dark truth of Clout Chasers – individuals trying to get famous off other people’s names and efforts by utilizing social media to create fake realities. Hosted by Snoop Dogg, the “docu-reality” looks to detangle the motivation and psychology behind this world, through real stories and real scenarios. With the platform of social media, a whole new group of extortionists have emerged.”

He called out his “extortionist” directly in the promo by including a clip of DJ Akademiks confronting Celina on why she faked the Offset pregnancy story. “Cause I was bored and I felt like it,” she told the DJ.

Snoop later in the video says he’s found Clout Chaser #1 and he reads her text asking when she can audition for season one. “You already did, b***h,” he responds.

Leave it to Uncle Snoop to throw shade in the most effective way.