Jada Pinkett Smith Drops Relationship Gems – ‘Devastations in Relations’

Jada Pinkett Smith Love Advice

This weekend Jada Pinkett Smith dropped a few relationship jewels to assure you harvest a successful and healthy relationship.

In the first series of this post, Smith address devastation in terms of relationships. She goes on to tell viewers that will all relationships come with devastation. At the initial listen, one could easily think Smith is condoning and eluding to allowing your significant other to devastate you. She goes on to relate this devastation to the moment when one of you leaves the other here on earth which will bring a sense of devastation.

I try not to let the fear of devastation prevent me from truly loving.

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After much back lash and confusion, Smith came back with a part two to set the record straight.

In this second video she goes on to talk about the the devastations you face in a relationship, and how they go hand in hand. She talks about enduring and withstanding these hard times of devastation. Smith proceeds to caution viewers to make sure they are in a relationship with someone who is worthy of walking through the depths and valley’s of a relationship with. The ultimate message was to remind viewers to sustain their self love through all relationship quarrels and devastations.