Home Run Gender Reveal

Well Jurors, it seems as though there’s a little more than love in the air these days. As many of you know, gender reveal parties are becoming a very big thing, and people are getting quite creative with the reveal ideas. From cakes, to bubbles and even balloon pops, couples have raised the bar significantly over the years.

Recently one Philadelphia couple once again raised the bar for the gender reveal game. This couple hit the ball out of the park with this one, literally. Deion and Keisha Robinson took this gender reveal party to the streets with an old school game of backyard baseball. With this viral video you can see the excitement both Deion and Keisha had for their new bundle of joy. The local news station got ahold of the footage, while noticing their love for the Philadelphia Sixers, and brought them in for a surprise Sixers party pack.

With these creative ideas consistently evolving it leaves you to wonder where can this trend go next?

Check out the video below!