How To Know You’re In A Bad Marriage

Do you question if the love you and your spouse once shared is no longer worth sharing? Are you in a place that you consistently second guess your vows to love and cherish the person you once wanted to spend eternity with? These experts may have a few answers to help you understand if you are living in a bad marriage.

It is likely that if you two are in the same room, and exchange little to no words, then it can be assumed that there is a void in the relationship. That void typically stems from deeper issues that have failed to be addressed in the past.

Once things have begun to get really bad you will find yourself unwilling to even argue. This is a sign of complete disregard or care for the relationship and the steps necessary to repair it. With the urge to argue gone it is safe to say you have given up on making things better.

If you and your spouse have discontinued having a date night it shows the lack of intimacy you once shared. You have begun to make less time for one another which has caused the deterioration of your once healthy relationship.

You often tend to develop a passive aggressive nature with your spouse. Both of you communicate in what can be considered a snarky tone.

Finally, if you’ve begun to develop what most consider an emotional relationship with another person, then it is safe to say your marriage is turning down the wrong path.

Overall, if you are experiencing any of these feelings then it is safe to acknowledge you’re in a bad marriage. You should seek the appropriate outlet to begin repairing the broken relationship.