Things You Should Know Before Making The Big Move

Relationships can be fun! They are full of laughs, good times, and new journey’s. One of those new journeys include the big move. The move from dresser drawer to house mate. This is a very pivotal time for many relationships. You are taking it to the next level, and are taking that first step into essentially spending the rest of your lives together. Here are a few things you should know before packing up your life and starting anew.

The initial step involves a conversation. You and your partner need to discuss your GOALS! You need to make sure that you two are on the same page. It is important that you take this step with similar mind sets for your futures. It’s important that you build this foundation with transparency and clear concise goals. Develop an understanding if you are building for a house, marriage, or kids.

Another step you should take when making the big move is everyone’s biggest fear, the credit check! You should be fully aware of your partner’s financial state. It is important to protect your financial stability and personal credit.  It is important to avoid any financial discrepancies early in the relationship to prevent possible problems down the road.

Now that you’re living together and you have a clear understanding of each persons financial situation it is important to develop a solid understanding about how the finances should be split. This will prevent financial issues down the road. You should also begin to develop a cohabitation agreement. This will prevent petty arguments revolving around house chores and maintenance.

Overall, moving in with your partner can be an exciting time in your life. If you follow these simple guidelines we are sure it won’t end up on a list of regrets!