Sometimes Change Can Be A Good Thing

Hey Jurors,

Many of you are eager to know more about our new set, new look and of course our new bailiff! Now we’re letting all of the secrets out about how we’re shaking things up for our 20th season! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our most anticipated Platinum Anniversary!

The Queen of our court, Judge Lynn Toler is returning to preside from a brand new judgement seat this season, she is taking off her robe for the first time and delivering her verdict in style! Keep a close eye for all her fine jewelry, and look out for where to purchase each piece.

We have an all new, state-of-the-art court room especially designed to record candid confessions and no hold bars discussions. From behind her new bench, Judge Toler will press our couples for the facts and demand the receipts as they voice their accusations and concerns. Our ultra responsive jury will be listening from the front row of  mid-century modern chairs to witness all the action.


Now, for the most asked question… Where is Joe? Unfortunately, Joe was unable to make the move to Atlanta with us, but rest assure we have done all we can to make sure his shoes were gracefully filled. Nick Barrotta, a New York native, has stepped up to the plate and is up to bat! Nick is a young, energetic and eager guy who is excited about his role as Judge Lynn’s new right hand man! He’s funny, witty and ready for the call of duty.

We hope you all enjoy the changes and embrace them with us! Stay tuned for the all new Divorce Court Platinum Anniversary episodes coming your way Tuesday, September 4th!