Making It Work Like Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

Relationships can be rough, especially when you both are constantly in the celebrity lime light. Gabrielle Union spills all the tea and secrets on how she and Dwayne maintain a healthy relationship while basking in the ambiance of the lime light. Only four years in the marriage game and  Gabby’s relationships wisdom is only getting started.

These days four years can be quite a long time for couples to be married, especially if they’re on Divorce Court. Gabrielle reveals just how she and hubby Dwayne Wade make things work for them.  One of her big secrets is something that many marriages fail to develop, and that’s communication. She expresses the importance of maintaining effective and meaningful communication that doesn’t allow you to take each other for granted.

Overall, Gabby reminds lovers to stay rooted and grounded in their love and friendship. She stresses the importance of  the expression of unconditional love daily with your partner.